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The story behind the name RedQuanta!

As it happens with most successful ventures, ours too started with a mini-crisis; we had our first client BUT no name!!??!!

While I had no clue what I wanted to call the company, I was clear on one thing – it had to have a colour or fruit associated with it.  Call this my B-school fantasy but whenever I thought of my own company, the brands Blackberry, Orange, Mango, Apple, Banana Republic… flashed before me.

Yes, now that I write it, it sounds comical BUT 3 years ago, I was dead-serious; my company had to have a fruit or colour association!

An urgent ‘meeting’ of friends and well wishers was called for that very evening. WE HAD TO HAVE A NAME.

A geeky friend opined that since mystery shopping was about quantifying experiences in a logical manner & had an ‘audit’ element, the colour RED would be most apt.

The entire room of ‘name searchers’ erupted in loud applause BUT there was a catch; for a business like ours, the company’s name would depend wholly on the available domain names.

We had to have a website with a name that was not already taken by the very swift & shrewd creed of domain investors.  The room suddenly seemed less optimistic; we had too many variables – a colour or fruit connection; mystery audit linked; easy to recall, simple & fun etcetera etcetera…

A laptop appeared out of thin air (I am allowed a little bit of drama, right?) and we began furiously searching names that had a colour AND audit reference AND was not already ‘taken’.

A gazillion options were thrown around but none seemed to ‘fit’.

Then, almost magically, the name that was meant to be ours appeared on the screen. We could have never imagined that the ‘domainers’ had not already bought so imagine our joy when we saw this name ‘available’…

Seems like, it was waiting to belong to us…

Pankaj Guglani, CEO & founder redquanta