About Us

RedQuanta: A global business transformation firm.
Our winning approach is Outside–In. We enable businesses to truly listen to customer experiences outside and make transformational changes inside.
Our research, analytics, consulting and global execution capabilities allow us to address problems that no one else can.
Leading businesses trust us in their journey to growth and profitability.
Our reservoir of human capital empowered with technology helps us in managing large scale projects and complexities of various industries with ease.

About Us

The Technology Backbone

The Mobile Power

Crowdsourced CX intelligence

1.2 Mn App-Enabled respondents Passionate customers who provide unbiased feedback towards products and services they experience.

Birds' View on Project Management

Data you can Trust

Geo Checkins, Time stamped pics and Photo analysis tools Trained respondents from all SEC categories

Cut-To-Fit Respondents

Advanced online analytics

Predictive analytics to enable smarter decisions Real time insights on mobile/web platforms

Cut-To-Fit Respondents

Driving Execution at Scale

Technology driven action planning and closure workflows. We don't just report the issues but help you also fix them.

RACE - It's Our Winning Approach

  • R - Research with scale, speed and accuracy. We use mystery audits, sentiment analysis and a handful of other techniques to gather data
  • A - Analytics to impact all business functions. Our investments in human capital and technology allow us to generate actionable analytics customised for different stakeholders
  • C - Consulting capabilities to match your challenges. We leverage our deep industry expertise to meet your unique challenges and bigger goals
  • E - Enabling execution at ground level. We create system, processes and tools to help your team deliver
map Worldwide

We are Available Worldwide

While we are rooted to our core, we have been spreading our wings globally over the last decade. Leveraging on our deep and wide learning in a diverse market like India as our base, understanding the sentiments and cultures of different countries we enter, comes naturally to us. With a strong presence in South East Asia, Australia, UK, USA and of course India, we are a bunch of global citizens, making our mark on the international map by enhancing our footprint around the world

Featured Cases



Making a difference in the automobile industry with surveys, research and audits; impacting Customer Delight, Pricing Constraints & Dealer Action Points.

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Consumer Durables

Listening to customers and accordingly enabling brands with expectations v/s on ground reality; from price points to competition strategy mapping

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From ambience, hygiene, billing and food quallity; In-depth analysis of customer expectations that helped transform our hospitality partners for a measurable positive business impact

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In an ever-changing and dynamic set-up, living up to your customer demands means keeping a track of on-ground happening, we help our brands with exactly that.

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