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Address Safety

The new era commands a safety-first approach across all customer and employee touch points.

Customer acquisition and retention, as well as employee confidence, will depend heavily on perceptions of Safety.

Address Changing Consumer Behavior

There will be a palpable shift in consumer perceptions.

Consumers will buy differently.

They will buy different things.

Their shopping frequency will change.


We can help create a “new normal” for your frontline operations.

Our special COVID-19 Action Force will seamlessly integrate a sanitation & distancing regime in your CX strategy, and build processes to accommodate new customer expectations.

Ready to take the new-world reality in your stride?

Connect with us to COVID-proof your business


SOP Design

Create new CX processes from scratch derived from industry-specific and cross-industry expertise

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Monitoring Technology

Fool-proof and robust technology to empower self-audits led by staff. You get all updates in real time.

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Experience Evaluation by Real Customers

Take a “safety barometer” reading from real customers that are an exact match with your TG.

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Mirror Review endorses as
one of the most rewarding Customer Experience solution providers

Design and implement your CX strategy with the industry leader.

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We create real bottomline
growth through customer experience

Decades of industry-specific experience

All partnering brands get consistent guidance from our CX consultants and market research experts.

Robust technology infrastructure

Our tech is developed and maintained in-house by a world-class team of engineers. Your entire team can track CX performance in real-time at different levels of abstraction.

We have shaped CX for Fortune 500 companies

We know how the most successful of brands achieve substantial growth by delivering excellent experiences and consistently acting on customer inputs.

Join hands with , and your entire
customer experience journey will be ours to drive

Effective alone. Terrific together

Our suite of customer experience solutions

Customer Journey Mapping

Personalized experiences created with great finesse and attention to detail

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Mystery shopping 2.0

Quantify your CX through reliable inputs generated by our hand-picked experience experts

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Customer Feedback

Go beyond feedback collection
Take real-time action on customer inputs

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In-store Execution Audits

Monitor infrastructure, merchandising and promotions right from your desk

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Supervised Implementation

Create tangible CX improvements throughout the organization

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Team Engagement

Training sessions and content sharing to create a sense of purpose throughout the organization

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Fabulous customer experiences for 250+ brands around the globe


Results that tell the story


increase in key sales skills in 7 months for premium automobile brand


increase in sales of preferred house brands in 1 year for a luxury goods retailer


increase in NPS for financial services company in 2 years


increase in upsell rates in 1 year for a consumer electronics company

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Let us show you the business value of creating memorable customer experiences

Start a conversation with us

Let us show you the business value of creating memorable customer experiences