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Can I be a Mystery Shopper if I work or study full-time?

Mystery shopping is perhaps the ONLY part-time work option which is truly flexible.  Think about it:  You get to decide what you want to audit and when; there is no registration fee, no tedious forms to be filled and no upfront commitment from you.

You can be a mystery shopper irrespective of your qualifications; irrespective of whether you hold a full-time job or are a homemaker or student.

The ONLY criteria is age – YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD OR ABOVE.Mystery shopping work is flexible with many assignments available during your lunch hour, in the evening, or on weekends.  You’ve got to simply choose assignments that are convenient for you.

You can even take up assignments when you travel out of your town of residence and can also do an audit at the airport whilst waiting for your flight to board.

In fact, because mystery audits offer complete flexibility & choice of audits as per your likes & interests, we have a lot of ‘at-home-mums’ and students who have made mystery shopping a part-time job!  It’s a fun way to stay engaged & make some money on the side.  Even working professionals find mystery shopping a good way to get some of their regular expenses reimbursed.

If you are a college student (pursuing graduation/post-graduation), in addition to the reimbursement & shopper fee, redquanta will also give you a project-completion certificate which could help you immensely during your various job interviews.

redquanta also runs a unique ‘Incentive Program’ for mystery shoppers that regularly churn out high-quality and timely reports.

The incentives are in the form of higher payouts and preference given to audit our luxury brands (5 star holiday packages, international jewellery brands, premier restaurants and night-clubs amongst others).

It’s our little way to show that we value our shoppers and want them to participate in our growth and profits.