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Customers | Frequently Asked Questions

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We’d love to be associated with you, it means business for us. Drop in an email to us along with your contact details. Our Client Relations team will get in touch with you for a primary understanding of your expectations and take it forward from there!

We offer a complete suite of customer experience management services, from talking to your TG, conduct thorough surveys and real time customer feedback and management.

Each of our partners have a dedicated Account Manager who is ever present to cater to you. We also provide 24×7 technical support.

An NDA is signed along with the contract, we treat all client information confidential. Only your dedicated Account Manager and his team is granted access to information of your process.

Yes, we do offer customization for all of our services. We do have a standard template, but it’s been designed to be totally flexible to help accommodate necessary changes as suitable for your brand & its requirements.

Yes, you could get as specific as you wish to. We help you with an in-depth review of your requirement, whether you wish to check on a particular employee of yours or a group, or to even choose a particular time when you wish to conduct the mystery shopping audit. We also welcome your request for only competition mapping as well. All audits are designed to fit your business goals.

The element of surprise is the answer. With your own set of employees conducting audits the purpose and objective is defeated, as your team is prepared for it. It’s like a surprise test which everyone knows is conducted each month. Rarely you’d find a true picture of what your customers actually think of your brand.

For a matter of fact, it increases credibility. The process of assigning and tracking tasks via our application helps create ownership among employees.

Mystery audits should be a timely defined continuous process, with clear objectives and goals. It helps map performances of your various business verticals and the quarterly plan derived by our in-house experts help you set a new benchmark each time as you move forward. In a cut-throat market competition and increasing demand of good quality products & services; Keeping a track on your business function will never harm but only harnesses it.

Sustaining leadership in this tough economy is a difficult proposition and taking it for granted, a serious offence! You have to be constantly put in efforts to transform as per business needs, understand your customers and improve your processes, keeping pace with the ever-changing market. Read how customer experience management can add value to your business.