A Leading Mobile brand had implemented BTL activities by creating highly interactive Experience Zones prior to its new Product Launch. The brand wanted to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts in the mind of consumer

  • Intercept Interviews executed at the entry and exit of the Zones
  • The Entry questions were to understand the demography and perception of the product prior to experiencing its features
  • Post the respondent had experienced the features, an interview was conducted at the exit point to understand shift in perception
  • An effective target group of around 6000 consumers were intercepted over a period of 12 days across 19 Experience Zones
  • Insights provided to the Client in terms of potential buyers Intent to Purchase, Premium Perception, Willingness to Buy, Expected Price point, Recommendation rate, Familiarity with features
  • 64% of the respondents were willing to buy the product post exposure to the Experience Zone
  • It was identified that premium perception and willingness to buy at the given price point had dropped by 21% post exposure to the Experience Zone

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