Impact of Chemists & Retailers Advocacy

In the times where there are multiple options available to a consumer to purchase from, the scale of traditional drivers has vastly diminished. Purchasing of pharmaceuticals has become as convenient as any other retail product available in the market; dealers, chemists, supermarkets & online orders. While traditional chemists and their revenue grows, they still face a threat for the number of other windows where they can choose to buy from. These options and competition adds up to the cynical customer approach towards their first choice of pharmacy. The foremost successful indicator of a successful pharma brand is “word of mouth”, these are the brand advocates who recommend others of their pharmacy choice. The key is building a strong established relationship with customers, with a new approach where determining, developing and applying of customer insights plays the pivotal role. With on-ground customer feedback RedQuanta is capable to help transform pharmacy become a customer focused enterprise.

Analysing pharmacists impact on customer choices of brands

The growth in prescription driven drug sales is on a high, and a few customers would diverge and go for a viable alternative. The dynamics of non-prescription sales is also witnessing growth, thanks to the options of health and beauty products that can be purchased off the shelves with various options at disposal.

What’s important here is to have an in-depth survey of:

  • How strongly does the counter person believe in your brand and proposes the same to the customer?
  • What is the key-factor as per the consumer to trust in your product?

An indicator for sales which is of primary importance is to cut down on brand substitution; in this case what the chemist advocates and sells is crucial and influential. Is the importance of what exactly a customer wants are being taken into consideration? Is your brand being offered as a trustworthy substitute?

Surveys on ground, with big analytical data that lets you in on the DNA of your potential customer and the touchpoint interaction of them with the chemist helps analyse and create the backbone for positive sales.

By identifying your customers behavioural patterns and taste, we are capable enough to build an activation/event strategy around it. HR departments of big sized companies, nursing homes, clinics and health/wellness organization or even more, by recognizing what exactly your customers expect, we align it with your business needs.

Attracting new customers with distinct offers, health care check-ups or free consultation at the right place and the right time.

With a plethora of industry expert shoppers, we are able to uncover the real performance indicators by analysing data from the right sources. One of our sample studies revealed the importance of the following:

Merchandising & Display

Especially while tapping in new customers, the merchandizing and display plays a critical role helping them explore the product and know about it rather than just passing by. A co-operative company staff who then explains the benefits of the product further increases the chances of a purchase.

Some critical findings which has positive sales impact:

  • Share of eye on display
  • Display reflects brand image
  • Crisp and Clear brand communication
  • Having a counter sales guy who knows the product inside-out
  • Impactful Display leads to measurable growth in sales

Publicity & PR

Related to health products, being in-sync with the climate conditions and adverse health effects it can bring with it is the right time to publicise/advertise and ensure media coverage as it reaped positive fruits for business growth.

Due to a competitive market scenario like never before, it is of prime importance that service and customer needs when it comes to pharmacy has to be of global standards with timely transformation and high-calibre staff interaction at the touchpoint, keeping in mind the ultimate result of what drives the highest economic value.

Fortunately, our advent of big data and advanced analytics helps tremendously in understanding what a customer needs and then accordingly come up with decisive internal business process transformation points which leads to a consistent and successful brand which lives up to the dynamics of the everchanging industry scenario.