A prominent PE firm was looking to invest in a Home shopping company.

Their objective was to:

Get a comprehensive understanding of the shopping habits to understand the key drivers and preferences for this retail format, expectations and values associated especially in reference to Online shopping

  • CAPI/CATI for targeted shoppers in the age group of 25-54 years belonging to SEC A/B
  • A sample of 4000 consumers matching the TG shared qualitative and quantitative insights on their experience
  • An important aspect of the study was to understand the overall shopper experience, duration spent on shopping online, reasons/occasions of shopping, Size of the basket, amount spent, their preferences and key drivers for the Home shopping Channel, etc. The study was spread across 40 cities spanning Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. Insights were gathered from 4000 consumers
  • Identified the preferred categories for the Target Segment
  • Insights on Shopping Pattern of TG
  • Identified that two major home shopping companies are most preferred channels for purchase across home shopping channels with one of the companies being #1 in terms of awareness across home shopping channels and # 2 in Top of Mind recall.

Case Studies

Understanding the Acceptance Level, Process Expectations and Influencing Factors of the targeted group of customers

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