Running successful trade marketing programs

Trade marketing is the difference between a retailer choosing to sell one product over another. The retailer is in the position of power. They get to choose which items they want to sell. The aim of trade marketing for a brand is to increase demand for their product with retailers. Consumers today are more distracted than ever before. So the cost of communicating to them has increased.

Captive audience available in a retail shop thus has become more valuable. Here you can communicate to consumers why your product is better than others.

Brands often ignore or misunderstand trade marketing. This puts their products in a risky position.

We help brands emerge winners in an environment of unlimited competition and limited shelf space.

Below are the four pillars of our approach to trade marketing programs:
  • Create persuasive trade marketing programs
  • We understand your brand, talk to retailers and use our industry expertise to build unique trade marketing programs.

  • Excite the retailers about the brand
  • If a retailer sees another retailer making tons of money than they would not want to miss out. We ensure there is excitement around the launch of program and its sustained throughout.

  • Protect retailer relationships with extreme care
  • Relationships are crucial. When brands rub retailers the wrong way by shoddy communication results can be disastrous. For example while running a on the spot reward program you need to be careful of the language with the retailers who are not winning. The secret is to encourage and co-opt them in winning the market together.

  • Carry out ongoing market audits
  • Data is very important. Brands need to have a pulse of ground scenario. We carry out continuous mystery audits to gather actionable insights.