A Fine Dining Restaurant was in expansion mode and wanted to evaluate the health of its current SOPs before replicating the same on scale. A major pain point included ensuring consistency in the service which would result in higher customer return rates


The most important aspect was to identify those elements in the processes which resonate with the Target Group.

Attribute Analysis: CAPI of 800 customers used to arrive at those key behaviours which have direct impact on creating a Delight Factor. Understanding what drives a customer to a particular brand and which factors influence his decision to visit again

Customer Experience Mapping: An end to end evaluation of Customer’s Journey vs. the existing SOPs to identify gaps and categorize the outlets. Assessed all touch points (from Valet to Billing) to capture employee communication and understand quality of staff interaction as it plays a prominent role in the experience

  • Created an ideal Journey by mapping customer expectation from the Attribute Analysis
  • Construction of a scalable customer focused SOP
  • 20% reduction in the Training budget by providing insights on Improvement Areas
  • Improved sales by 15% by training staff on up selling

Case Studies

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Dug out insights on; Intent to Purchase, Premium Perception, Willingness to Buy, Expected Price Point, Recommendation Rate etc.

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