In the smartphone industry, Client’s product lag in sales and they want to invest in different branding fixtures across LFRs and MBOs which will boost sales. There were a few challenges to this:

  • To identify which type of fixtures they must invest in
  • Comparison with key competitors in the same space who also invest heavily in Visual merchandising and are high in Sales

RedQuanta aided the Client with the business solution by implementing the following steps:

  • To derive at the investment that the client must do at the store level, we first investigated current investments done by competitor brands. This was conducted via the surveyors physically visiting the store and taking pictures as proof of the investment made by Client as well as competition brand
  • Each demo fixtures, interior as well as exterior branding elements were given a specific weightage
  • RQ suggested Retail Indexing and implemented sales data along with the Retail Index - to map stores which are low in investment & low in sales, high in sales but low in investment etc.
  • All different kind of elements/fixtures being used by all brands (client and competitor) were listed and their share of eye (number of instances for each element) and sales were compared
  • Based on the data, RQ recommended: Type of fixtures to be used at different store formats, store layouts and amount of investment required
  • Post implementation on the above mentioned fixtures significant increase in sales noted. From 1021 units in July to 6972 units in December’18