Shelf Visibility (Share of Eye)

Overall sales effectiveness of any product in the market/store is primarily driven by availability and visibility. This includes whether stores are reached directly, whether the stores offer the right product assortment, how often the brand visits the store to re-stock, and the actual visibility of products. Our service helps the brand to measure, keep a check and recommend strategies to increase its products visibility among competitive products.

Predictive analytics to enable smarter decisions. Real time insights on mobile/web platforms.

Maximum surveys filled on the spot by auditors on their mobile apps

Real time and detailed tracking of numbers of surveys scheduled, completed etc. along with respondent details, location details and respective surveys filled.

1.2 Mn App-Enabled respondents, Passionate customers who provide unbiased feedback towards products and services they experience.

Technology driven action planning and closure workflows. We don't just report the issues but help you also fix them.

All surveyors trained through Audio-Visuals regarding the project, specific scenarios for the survey on mobile and web platforms.

All surveyors provide geo coordinates for survey authenticity. Option available on mobile app for geo check-in and check-out once one enters the place and leaves it.

Use Cases

Product Placement

Share of eye wrt competitors

Product Assortment

  • Surveys to check how different products are placed with retailers in their stores - if they are as per the shared SOPs/planograms or not
  • Surveys conducted to improve in-store execution starting with increased in-store visibility and recognition.
  • Surveys to check whether the products are placed in the most effective locations in a store or not. The purpose is to maximize sales and margins

Stock Evaluation

  • Tracking if the stocks of various products are available in appropriate quantity and condition with a retailer for maximum sale

Case Studies

Sales increased by identifying suitable type of fixtures and investment required, for different store formats

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Increase in sales by aligning VM spends to consumer/retailer behaviour

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17% sales growth in LFR channel for personal grooming brand

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