Internal Audits Platform

Internal audits if not managed properly damage customer experience, cause serious compliance issues and hurt sales. Our online platform makes the team people (internal auditors) file the reports on the mobile while doing the audit, saving time and thus leading to more number of surveys. Managers see the real-time analytics on online dashboards - cuts 70% cost and gains 100% control over audit planning.

Predictive analytics to enable smarter decisions. Real time insights on mobile/web platforms.

Maximum surveys filled on the spot by auditors on their mobile apps

Real time and detailed tracking of numbers of surveys scheduled, completed etc. along with respondent details, location details and respective surveys filled.

Technology driven action planning and closure workflows. We don't just report the issues but help you also fix them.

All surveyors trained through Audio-Visuals regarding the project, specific scenarios for the survey on mobile and web platforms.

All surveyors provide geo coordinates for survey authenticity. Option available on mobile app for geo check-in and check-out once one enters the place and leaves it.

Use Cases

Internal Audits

  • Internal compliance surveys being done by external trained auditors

Case Studies

Identified product wastage and curbed it by 15%, which invariably increased overall profits

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Maintenance of the set standards across salons by single point of data management and analysis

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25% cost reduction and 12% increase in revenue

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