Identified product wastage and curbed it by 15%, which invariably increased overall profits


An International Fine Dine restaurant was facing a challenge of leakage in profits owing to heedless monitoring of their internal health & hygiene processes. They wanted to evaluate their Kitchen and Restaurant Infrastructure aspects to ensure minimal/no misuse

  • A comprehensive, unannounced evaluation of the kitchen was carried out at a weekly frequency to ensure processes are complied with.
  • Restaurant Managers/Heads at each location were equipped with the RedQuanta Tool to:
  • 1. Ensure close monitoring of the kitchen, wastage, as well as proper utilisation of other assets

    2. Measure SOP Compliance regularly to identify gaps in staff training, billing, and cash flow leakages

  • Identified product wastage and curbed it by 15% leading to increasing in profit
  • Real time insights through image bucketing lead to quick TAT for the company to take action. This resulted in 20% of the restaurant undergoing refurbishment due to the identification of some serious infrastructure issues
  • The transition from a manual process to an automated CRM to capture data. This lead to 30% improvement in data quality
  • Identified members who were not adhering to the policies

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