17% sales growth in LFR channel for personal grooming brand


A global FMCG player operating in men’s shaving products strived to reinforce its ‘’Go-To’’ market capabilities. Their new distribution mechanisms and innovative in-store marketing programs didn’t see the desired sales impact. Products not being displayed as per set SOPs on open shelves being the key issue.

  • The RQ trained respondents visited each of the 25 Key LFR partner stores as and conducted observation surveys
  • Evaluated retail stores against parameters covering stock presence, hygiene, and displays
  • Mapped compliance for stocks available in open shelf or closed shelf
  • Checked if there was a last minute pickup opportunity with stocks being available at checkout counters
  • The survey findings were mapped with sales for the individual partner stores to measure the impact on sales
  • 17% increase in sales at checkout counters by product displays
  • Real time fixing of store level issues through a real time online dashboard
  • Designed an escalation matrix with a call-to- action for driving performance improvements

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