One of the leading long-term life insurance providers wanted to understand if their investment/tie-ups with online policy aggregators were giving them enough bottom line or not and if not, what improvements were needed.


A survey was designed by RedQuanta to understand if client’s partnered online policy aggregators were recommending their plans to the right Target Group and providing detailed & correct information about their different plans. Surveyors were also asked to check the presence of client’s life insurance plans as one of the top recommendations on aggregators’ online portal.

Surveys were performed for three different online portals and three different kind of life insurance plans

  • HDFCL moved from 5th place to 3rd in top recommendations of a plan by sales staff of different portals
  • Staff was re-trained on explaining HDFCL benefits to correct target group – which impacted the NPS and raised it by 20%
  • Plan strengths of competitor players were highlighted
  • HDFCL moved from 4th place to 2nd in top recommendations of different online portals
  • Re-training and tracking raised the follow up calls to prospective customers by 15%
  • Company sales through online portals raised by 8%