Client wants to launch an online food & service aggregator app in India. As they are new in this field it is extremely important to report errors, bugs in the app real time. While doing so, ensure a seamless customer experience on the app while ordering food/service

  • Complete dependency on RQ to provide visibility on what the issues faced by surveyors while ordering food and/or service through the app
  • Product test in a different geography
  • Inputs on User Interface by the surveyors also was extremely critical

RedQuanta aided the Client with technology support with the following:

  • “Critical alert” was triggered to provide live reporting of errors
    1. - Image along with the details of the order
  • Live reporting of errors aided the client coordinate with their tech team who would probe for further details if required and we would help them fix the issues real-time
  • Detailed inputs on UI and UX was provided on real-time basis on the following points:
    1. - Food/Service Partners visibility basis the service area provided by the client
    2. - Testing on Promotions
  • Increase traffic for the app through our surveyors – from negligible 5% to 15% over a period of one year
  • Apart from being their eyes and ears on reporting issues in the app, we enabled the client with value add feedback from surveyors on the following:
  • Quality of food
  • Efficiency on Service
  • Delivery process for Food
  • Service issue job update