Functionality and Usability Testing

Once a web platform or application has been launched, another aspect is to make it easy to use, more effective and customer friendly. RedQuanta helps in identfying any bugs, tests its usability and functionality through mystery surveys, make recommendations for improvements basis real time customer experience through its large set of respondents

Predictive analytics to enable smarter decisions. Real time insights on mobile/web platforms.

Maximum surveys filled on the spot by auditors on their mobile apps

Real time and detailed tracking of numbers of surveys scheduled, completed etc. along with respondent details, location details and respective surveys filled.

1.2 Mn App-Enabled respondents, Passionate customers who provide unbiased feedback towards products and services they experience.

Technology driven action planning and closure workflows. We don't just report the issues but help you also fix them.

All surveyors trained through Audio-Visuals regarding the project, specific scenarios for the survey on mobile and web platforms.

Use Cases

App Usability Testing

App Functionality Testing

Improved Functionality Surveys

  • Surveys done to identify any user related bugs in your application before its launch to the actual consumer base
  • Understanding the actual functionality of the app on different kind of devices that different users have these days by reaching out to unique users
  • Surveys done to understand what are the best features and if there is any kind of integration that the customers would like to see in the app before its actual launch

Case Studies

Real time identification of errors and bugs for improvement before launch of app

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8% raise in sales of a life insurance provider through online portals

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