The firm had limited information on perception and experience of key stakeholders (cab drivers and customers). The information was required on the target as well as the market leader and legacy competition. The exercise had to be completed in 2 weeks.

  • To gather complete market information we used mystery audits as well as interviews
  • A sample of 3000 real consumers matching the TG shared qualitative and quantitative insights on their experience
  • An important aspect of the study was to capture the experience of cab drivers with the various players (Onboarding, Incentives, Support etc.)
  • The study was spread across 10 cities. Insights were gathered from 3,000 drivers and consumers, evaluations were also at different times of the day and for different price points and routes
  • Identification of red flags and strong areas
  • Developed feature-comparison matrix viz a viz competitors to assess the future pricing
  • Provided confirmation and rejection of assumptions on scalability of business model