Due Diligence

We partner VC/PE/Growth Equity firms in due diligence from customer experience and market understanding perspective. In addition we help them identify new market spaces and understand new opportunities through proactive structured research. In any due diligence process you can't ignore a simple fact: a significant amount of knowledge resides with the customers, not in financials. The experience of the customers and their expectations are critical to success of the firm at the scale which makes sense for the investment. We customize our framework to suit your investment fit and investment potential criteria.

Predictive analytics to enable smarter decisions. Real time insights on mobile/web platforms.

Maximum surveys filled on the spot by auditors on their mobile apps

Real time and detailed tracking of numbers of surveys scheduled, completed etc. along with respondent details, location details and respective surveys filled.

1.2 Mn App-Enabled respondents, Passionate customers who provide unbiased feedback towards products and services they experience.

Technology driven action planning and closure workflows. We don't just report the issues but help you also fix them.

All surveyors trained through Audio-Visuals regarding the project, specific scenarios for the survey on mobile and web platforms.

All surveyors provide geo coordinates for survey authenticity. Option available on mobile app for geo check-in and check-out once one enters the place and leaves it.

Use Cases

Attribute Analysis by CAPI/CATI

Competition Benchmarking

Share of Noticeability

  • Study done to understand the characteristics, uses, or benefits of a particular product category from a consumer's perspective
  • Study done to understand how the industry leaders or your competitors are performing
  • The idea is to check how much our brand is investing in all visual merchandising elements with respect to competitors in the market and if any sort of improvement is needed in the process

Case Studies

Identified most preferred Home shopping companies basis CAPI/CATI of targeted consumers

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Development of a feature-comparison matrix viz a viz competitors to assess the future pricing and scalability of business model

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Understanding the Acceptance Level, Process Expectations and Influencing Factors of the targeted group of customers

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