A continuous check on VM, product placement etc. showed an impressive impact on Customer Engagement and Selling


A leading player in outdoor and trekking gear retail had specific SOPs set out for In store VM, product placement and staff interaction. Since the Target Segment was niche, a customized delivery formed a key aspect of In Store Experience

  • 90 high performance and high potential stores were selected for customer experience journey mapping.
  • The focus of the audits was critically assessing the store infra including the exterior signage, VM, discounts communication and product placement (shoes, apparel and bag)
  • The staff was monitored and measured on the their communication, selling and closure skills
  • Trend analysis was showcased at individual store level to identify the good and bad operational parameters
  • Customer engagement and selling scores improved by 10% for majority of stores within first quarter
  • Staff was re-directed and re-trained to engage with customers who do not show purchase intent in the visit, as they could be the future buyers!
  • Increased brand affinity and loyalty among employees. In annual meeting, the store wise performers were invited to share their best practices

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