Compliance Surveys

Is your staff serious about compliance of standard operating procedures? Compliance surveys through mystery audits is an another service we provide for businesses. RedQuanta helps in doing Price checks surveys, measuring any revenue leakage or integrity breaches happening at brand's stores/outlets. We also evaluate compliance of specific visual merchandizing or any other staff/infrastructure/process related standard procedures.

Predictive analytics to enable smarter decisions. Real time insights on mobile/web platforms.

Maximum surveys filled on the spot by auditors on their mobile apps

Real time and detailed tracking of numbers of surveys scheduled, completed etc. along with respondent details, location details and respective surveys filled.

1.2 Mn App-Enabled respondents, Passionate customers who provide unbiased feedback towards products and services they experience.

Technology driven action planning and closure workflows. We don't just report the issues but help you also fix them.

All surveyors trained through Audio-Visuals regarding the project, specific scenarios for the survey on mobile and web platforms.

All surveyors provide geo coordinates for survey authenticity. Option available on mobile app for geo check-in and check-out once one enters the place and leaves it.

Use Cases

Price Checks

Integrity Surveys

Price Benchmarking

  • A price check survey is an investigation of the prices charged by different retailers for the same goods to check if any integrity breach is being done at retailer's/store's level
  • Surveys done to identify any sort of integrity breaches done in the processes by staff
  • Surveys conducted to understand your pricing structure and how you are positioned amongst your competitors

Sales Channel Integrity

Partner Integrity

  • The idea is to check if different sales channels are distributing your product in appropriate way (right packaging, correct bill amount, no expired products etc.
  • The idea is to check the training and performance capabilities of all existing partners (franchisees/partners for food aggregators etc.)

Case Studies

Curbed the Overpricing Practice By 15%

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Better control on market operating price and increase in sales for FMCD brand

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17% sales growth in LFR channel for personal grooming brand

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A continuous check on VM, product placement etc. showed an impressive impact on Customer Engagement and Selling

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