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Study Reveals New Smartphone Buying Preferences; Establishes Xiaomi as the Most Loved Brand

Consumers are consciously choosing quality and worth over the hard metric of price: so reveals our latest study on the smartphone market. Responses from 1300 buyers in 16 major Indian cities strongly indicate that a brand’s snob value is no longer the modern consumer’s criterion for choosing a smartphone; they are instead attributing a much greater weightage to quality and value-for-money.

In the words of Mr. Chetan Shetye, Head of Research at , “The Indian consumer has evolved beyond the stereotype of price being the primary purchase trigger. Now, the concept has evolved into value-for-money and quality quotient of the phone.”

Xiaomi bagged the best reviews, coming forth as a manufacturer of high quality, feature-rich phones

Our study took into account all the top-rated smartphone brands in the country and established Xiaomi as the unequivocal winner on all parameters that determine the perceived quality of a smartphone. Respondents rated the brand highly on specs of durability, performance and battery life and vouched for its products as the most value delivering across all price segments.

“This is a recent perception shift in favor of Xiaomi which until recently was generalized as a Chinese brand”, said Mr. Shetye, elucidating buyers’ inclination towards rationally judging a smartphone based on quality instead of any preconceived notions.

Samsung came to occupy the second spot after Xiaomi, while Vivo and Realme lagged farther behind finishing fourth and fifth among the top five smartphone brands.

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