Home Shopping


A Japanese fund was looking to invest in a Home shopping company.

Their objective was to:

  • get a comprehensive understanding of the shopping habits of the shopper for the this format
  • to understand the key drivers and preferences for this retail format, expectations and values associated with the format especially in reference to Online shopping

To gather the required information we used an Online survey that was sent across to targeted shoppers in the age group of 25-54 years belonging to SEC A/B.

A sample of 4000 consumers matching the TG shared qualitative and quantitative insights on their experience.

An important aspect of the study was to understand the overall shopper experience, duration spent on shopping online, reasons/occasions of shopping, Size of the basket, amount spent, their preferences and key drivers for the Home shopping Channel, etc. The study was spread across 40 cities spanning Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. Insights were gathered from 4000 consumers.

  • It was found that x% consumers indulge in shopping as they perceive it to be a funactivity and y% feel it keeps them up-to-date regarding new trends and launches.
  • In home shopping, home and kitchen appliances are the most preferred category as almost half of the home shopping consumers have purchased products in these categories
  • Frequency of purchase in home shopping is quite low compared to ecommerce, giving Home Shopping companies significant scope to catch up with e-commerce by increasing repeat purchases.
  • It was found that two major home shopping companies are most preferred channels for purchase across home shopping channels with one of the companies being #1 in terms of awareness across home shopping channels and # 2 in Top of Mind recall.
  • While a major home shopping company had a wide range of products available and delivers product in good condition, it fares relatively low in availability of unique products and after sales service