Designed a customer service journey map for potential customers, the actionable insights uncovered itself Challenge

The topmost internet search providers launched 2 variants of its high-end android based mobile phone versions and wanted to assess the Promoter performance basis Customer interaction.

The desired outcome of the exercise was

  • To ensure that a seamless customer experience is provided by the Promoters
  • RQ to provide visibility on what are the various areas of improvement for the promoters in terms of either communication of features, product demo, promoter knowledge etc.
  • Overall assessment of Promoter performance across 54 cities(metro/tier1&2) which includes both Large Format retail stores and Multi Brand Outlets.
  • RedQuanta designed an ideal customer service journey map for a potential customer basis the Promoter L&D programme module.
  • Our Trained researchers would approach the Brand Promoters at both Large Format retail stores as well as Multi brand outlets as potential customers and assess the promoters on multiple parameters such as Promoter Proactiveness & greeting, sales pitch, need analysis, Promoter knowledge, awareness about pricing & ongoing schemes.
  • The information gathered would be analysed by our analytics team and NPS would be determined and the specific pain points were identified based on the customer’s overall interaction
  • Provided actionable insights to the client on a monthly basis to address the issues we uncovered as part of our research
  • This information was provided for the key metros as well as for the Regional zones for both LFRs and MBOs Pan India
  • The client used these insights to drive and optimize customer experience.
  • Observed an ongoing month on month NPS score improvement with a target to achieve 90% SOP adherence level