One of the leading online shopping portals was facing fewer repeat purchasesm thus putting customer loyalty into question. They wanted to understand why its customers (one-time purchasers) were drifting towards the competitor portals. They had an idea from a previous study that the problem was in their contact center support but wished to find out the exact pain point for customers.


A survey was designed by RedQuanta to study the processes of contact center support in providing resolutions to a customer’s grievances/queries. 100 surveys each were conducted for the client and two of its major competitors. There were pre-decided quotas on different product categories and price points to be covered as well as different stages of the online ordering process for raising queries. The surveys were conducted in both metros and non-metros.

Customer Experience Journey Map: During the survey process, a surveyor followed different steps of reaching out to the contact center i.e. through App, IVR and finally interaction with the customer care associate on call for his query resolution. All steps were evaluated in detail to find out the gaps in processes leading to customer dissatisfaction.

  • Key drivers involved in a customer’s contact center journey, impacting client’s recommendation rate were found out and informed to client
  • As per the analysis, resolution of the queries was of prime importance for a customer, followed by the way it was handled via CCA’s or IVR or app interaction
  • Call drop rate in both IVR and app was reduced by 15%, which was found out to be one of the pain points for customers
  • Dissatisfaction with query resolution was reduced to 2%
  • Query resolution via app increased by 8% (promoting app usage, as one of its strength areas)
  • Brand recommendation increased by 12%