A leading online marketplace aggregator for coupons was experiencing low Repeat Rate which was adding on to the burden acquiring new customers. An Exploratory Research revealed that local merchants are breaching the processes resulting in loss of customers.


The breach was spread across verticals – from Appointment/Table booking to redemption of coupons. Coupon holders were given differential treatment. Apart from this, merchants were encouraging customers to avail their own discounts rather buying discount vouchers from the marketplace. RedQuanta executed a process compliance study to identify integrity issues.

Process Compliance Study – The SOPs were divided and each process was micro evaluated. Scenarios were created to capture Merchant Partner reactions. Any breach identified lead to an immediate notification to the brand, equipping them to take stringent actions on a real time basis

The study was executed across 500 Merchant Partners on a continuous basis, to ensure that the partners treat each customer as a potential Mystery Shopper and minimise the SOP gaps.

  • Reduced the breach rate by 25%
  • Indirect impact on NPS – increase by 20%
  • Real time insights lead to quick TAT for the company to take actions against the Partners