A leading mobile technology brand incentivized retail sales associates in Large format retail stores located across 8 major cities Pan India to ensure that retailer recommendation rate of our product increases when compared to key competitor brands.

  • RedQuanta aided the client by running a programme wherein Retail sales associates at the Large format retail stores were approached by our researchers/surveyors to assess whether they were talking about our product upfront and if yes the specific features they were promoting during the conversation.
  • In cases wherein the RSA’s articulated 2 or more key features of our product, we had rewarded them with e-vouchers worth Rs 500 each.
  • In cases wherein, the RSA’s were found to not be promoting our brand, we had captured which another brand (s) were they promoting and the corresponding features they had mentioned.
  • Subsequently, we would reveal our identity and apprise them of the retail activation programme that we would be running on a recurring basis across all LFRs Pan India and the opportunity they have wherein they would be rewarded if they were found to be promoting our product.
  • We ran 3 rounds of the program across 126 locations at LFRs Pan India within a period of 15 days
  • Recommendation rate of the RSAs had improved over the course of this programme from 64% to 81%
  • Clear insights were provided in terms of the competitor brands that the RSAs were promoting and the corresponding features that were being promoted.
  • Improved customer service