17% increase in sales by aligning VM spends to consumer/retailer behaviour Client and Challenge

A major FMCG player approached us for growth of their Deodorant portfolio. Brand had initiated a VM campaign across country. The campaign’s sales impact was below expectations.

  • Studied the retailer attitude towards in-store POS to evaluate its effectiveness
  • Conducted noticeability and visibility studies through real consumers
  • Conducted ShopAlong research by tracking shopper remotely by the RQs trained tracker around the store, right from enter to exit. The tracker observed and recorded Shopper movements and actions throughout their instore journey
  • An Intercept interview was carried out on the tracked shopper. As soon as they exit the store, the survey captured shopper's POS noticeability, perceptions and overall experience.
  • The observed behaviour and personal interviews data were married to arrive at actionable insights.
  • The survey covered 140 stores sample spread by store formats and shopper profiles
  • 17% increase in sales
  • Mapping findings with store layouts pointed out potential ‘barriers’ that hindered customers from actually going to certain areas and interacting with the POS merchandising or having a better experience.
  • Hot and cold spots were detailed allowing the company to evaluate what in-store marketing was working and what was not.
  • Findings also indicated that the success of POS materials was achieved by aligning content and display type with the demands of the location
  • There was a direct correlation between high brand recall and noticeability with the POS material present at the checkout counter.