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Winning Entry # 1 – Larissa Rodrigues




1 ) Tell us one major difference between facts and opinions.

      Facts are ‘what is’, opinions are ‘what may be’

      Facts are ‘straight’, opinions are ‘made’

      Facts are ‘what you can see’, opinions are ‘what you think’

      Facts are ‘in the shop’, opinions are ‘in the shopper’

2) What is the one accessory you just can’t forget to wear while on a Mystery Shopping mission?

My earrings!!! They keep changing depending on whether I wanna look like I’m younger, older, in sync with fashion, or traditional,    car savvy or a home-maker. And…’s not an accessory, but my mobile is something I cannot do without on a mystery shopping mission…click, click, click!

3) If you had a suggestion for redquanta what would it be?

Expand your network to lesser known cities and towns.

4) Would you like to use the Mystery Shopping opportunity to explore new brands and services you would have otherwise not considered?

Sure I would

5) How would you explain redquanta to someone who is not familiar with the company?

I liken you to a Mystery Market Research Organization that needs secret shoppers and researchers

6) Describe redquanta in one word


7) What is the best thing about being a redquanta Mystery Shopper?

Being a Mystery Shopper…
Is fun, always a challenge,
Never a bore, Never as imagined,
Gives you a say,
In what shapes the industry of today,
Flexi-schedules at your door,
And of course!!! Mysteries galore!!!