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Winner – Mystery Shopper Blog Contest 2012 – entry by Renuca Veloso, Mumbai

Mystery Shopping changed my life!
I know, a rather strong-worded (If not, exaggerated) statement there. How did that happen, you ask?
Well, it all began one fine afternoon when I – Career Girl turned Stay-At-Home-Mom was pouring out my woes to a casual acquaintance I met online (yes, that’s how desperate I was for some social interaction) when she- Casual Acquaintance (God bless her) happened to mention this concept of mystery shopping. Aha! I saw a tiny glimmer of hope for this bored soul. Just maybe this was the answer to my prayers, a legitimate excuse for the hardworking husband to do some babysitting, and for moi to do something more ”worthwhile”. So I quickly got online, registered myself and waited for my “saviour” to call.

I didn’t have long to wait, I got a call a couple of days later and my first assignment was FAASOs. Oh yeah! I was so excited, what can I say? I would probably have gone and bought new clothes for the assignment if I could. Anyways, I wore my Sunday best, slapped on some makeup and took myself down and around the corner to check out the new place. But not before reading and revising the guidelines for about the tenth time in my head.( After all, this was quite a challenge for the grey cells after two years of “smalltalk”) And the baby? well he was foisted on his father with a promised bribe of getting some yummy rolls back for him (the dad , of course!).
When I reached the said address, all I found was a closed shutter and no signboard whatsoever. Huh? What’s happening? Was this some cruel joke? Was the Universe punishing me for abandoning my child? I rechecked it, asked around but no one had heard of FAASOs. My stomach rumbled in protest, alas! all in vain.- FAASO’s hadn’t opened shop yet! The poor husband had to make do with Kamat’s masala dosa that day(he did feel rather cheated). Anyways FAASO’s did open 3 days later and I did get my ‘’free ‘’food and a rating of 8!
Since then, I’ve done quite a few mystery shopping assignments and enjoyed them thoroughly, I’m glad for companies like redquanta, as it not only given me some respite from the mundane but it also makes me feel like I have played a teeny-weeny role in helping companies understand and improve their brand perception and customer satisfaction levels.The fact that there are certain brands that invest in mystery shopping make me respect and want to patronise them more than other companies. I now consciously expect better services and products for the money I pay.
Although I have done mystery-shopping assignments with other companies as well, I believe redquanta to be one of the better organised companies. The clear guidelines, user-friendly questionnaire interface and feedback / rating mechanisms all make redquanta a real pleasure to work with. I wish redquanta all the very best and may you change many more lives like mine going ahead!