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Why must I complete & submit the audit report within 24 hours of my visit?

One of the key factors in mystery shopping is that the shopper (i.e. you) stay anonymous; which means that you need to conduct yourself like a regular shopper.

The guidelines and questionnaires, although simple, require you to observe, note and recall fine details.  You obviously cannot carry a pen & paper and make notes while you are shopping and therefore need to rely on your memory to recall all that you seen and observed.

This is the main reason we require you to complete and submit your report within 24 hours of shopping.

The human mind’s ability to recall finer & minute details has a very small window and starts diminishing rapidly.  After a day or two, you may be able to recall the key points but are bound to forget the finer details which are key to a good and meaningful report (which we owe our clients). As more time passes between the date of visit and your report submission, you may not be able to recall facts and events accurately; factual inaccuracies & tentative answers are risks that we just can’t afford to take as it would mar the audit findings and our report to client would lose its vital essence.

If we were to think aloud, more than us or the client, you as a shopper stand to gain by meeting this 24-hour deadline.  Your ability to recall details is highest during this time period and should you choose to meet this deadline, you’d complete it in minimum time with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Here are some tips that we guarantee will make you want to finish that report within 24-hours:

Oh and just so you know, before redquanta hires its employees, doing a mystery shopping assignment is MANDATORY so we know exactly what our shoppers feel!!

These tips are a result of our first-hand mystery shopping experience.

  • While you are not allowed to write stuff down during the visit, you could make mini-notes of the minute details (that one is likely to forget) on your cell phone.
  • Taking photographs IN PRIVATE (NOT of staff at the outlet please) of things that were not in place act as visual aids in report-writing & help immensely.  So if the toilet-roll was missing, just click a snap and there is no way you’ll forget this detail while writing the report.  AND there is also no way you could get caught taking this photo.
  • Sometimes, the steps in the audit are performed in different time periods.  So for example, if you need to make an appointment before your visit, we encourage you fill in that section of the report as soon as you make the appointment instead of waiting till the visit is complete.  This would ensure better recall and is a faster & more efficient way to write reports.

Our clients depend on you for an honest and accurate feedback of your experience of their business and services; completing the audit report in a 24 hr time frame is a small inconvenience, wouldn’t you say?