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The best restaurant experience I have ever had..


Well, it was my best friend’s birthday and like every year, our old school group decided to plan something special for the birthday boy. This time it had to be his favorite restaurant with his choice of food and wine. The plan was a well kept secret, so the birthday boy had no clue about what was coming his way. But never the less, we decided to have a blast in the very same restaurant.

When I called the restaurant to make a reservation, my call was promptly answered. The staff was extremely polite with their communication. The lady on the call asked me if it was our first time dining with them, and if we were celebrating any special occasion. She took our information such as telephone number, and repeated it to make sure that the detailed were accurately noted down.

On the D- day, as we entered the restaurant, we heard a happy birthday song playing aloud. That song instantly got a smile on all our faces. The staff also started singing along. Our table was in a corner of the restaurant which ensured that our party does not disturb the other customers. The table also had a birthday card from the restaurant, decorated as per our specifications. That feeling was just WOW!

The service was at its best! We did not have to wait for the waiter to come to our table as one of them was constantly around the table, but never let his presence felt until required. That was true professionalism! There was a complimentary wine bottle on the table as a part of their customer program scheme by the restaurant management.

When we called for the cheque, we were simply amazed to see that the bill amount was relatively cheaper compared to the experience and long lasting memory the restaurant gave us.

I always wondered why my friend would always want to go to that restaurant repeatedly when there are plenty of other options available. Now I have my answer! After my friend’s birthday bash, all our birthdays are celebrated at the same restaurant and it has never failed to give me some of the best experiences ever.



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