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Regained The Freedom While Working From Home

Isha GuptaI have successfully completed 3 years with redquanta. It has given me a great opportunity to start my career again at the time when I had no idea about from where to again. From the very beginning, I found that the organisation has implemented their processes and policies well. They continuously listen to the feedback and implement the changes time to time. Infrastructure and software have high availability and support function works well to ensure smooth operations.


Employee Engagement is a high priority for the organisation. Communication to the top level was my major put off in my previous organisation but here, even Senior Management feels approachable. Despite being a work from home gig, I always felt connected with the organisation positively. Team Leads are very helpful and well connected to us which helps in quick resolutions of challenges, breakdowns and bottlenecks.


The work is itself engaging when you know in and out. Whenever a new project comes in, we are giving an elaborated training session to help us understand the modus operandi of the client and desired output expected from them. Our queries and doubts are resolved with patience and ease.


Our clients are one of the leading companies in their respective industries. This reflects the brand value of redquanta. Our clients are well informed about the services and quality checks which ensure smoothing in the process for our customers. Functional and Technical Requirements are thoroughly discussed with our clients so we meet their expectation in the realm of quality, time and cost.


I am able to maintain a work-life balance because of the flexibility of working hours provided by the organisation. Though we are given the daily targets, with the help of the continuous help from the team lead and the team members, the work is always completed on time.


All the team members work like a big united team and the best part is I never felt that there is any boss. We can reach out to senior members of the teams at any hour even if we have the smallest query.


While working with redquanta, I am able to learn new things regularly and can enjoy being a working woman even when I cannot go out to work.