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Potential growth opportunities with RedQuanta

In a world full of fake online jobs, redquanta is a boon for people looking for genuine work from options with potential growth opportunities. I got to know about this company from a close relative who gave a good feedback and advised me to join this organization. I was referred by a known person into the company. The HR called me and took a small round of interview post which an online test was conducted. After clearing the test I was qualified to join redquanta. Being a new team member I was welcomed and introduced with my team manager to the rest of the team. The team members are nice and warm. The next day I got my training on the project I was supposed to work for. My team lead is a nice and honest professional who is very flexible. She gave me the training for the MI project and I started working the very next day. There are numerous projects going on side by side however the trainees are first given an easy projects that they can catch up and understand the work environment. We can only expect such environment from the full time companies. However, redquanta has changed my views regarding work from home.


Team leads are reliable and works hard for the good of the crew. They are approachable and have a knack for coming up with imaginative and original ways to solve problems or create new value. They keep our morals high and motivate us to perform well. There is an environment of cooperation amongst team members as well so that we together to achieve team objectives and adding a value to the business.


There is proper quality structure in place to make sure that people deliver quality work. The work is allotted a day prior and needs to be worked upon by the end of the day. Also, there is a weekly score card where the performance of all the team members are measured. My team lead applauds the good performers and also shares the feed backs on a regular basis.Also the remuneration is given right on time. I am glad to be a part of this company as it gives me an opportunity to work flexibly and efficiently. Looking forward to be a part of this organization for a long time.