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Our Team structure – what everyone does!

One of the most common questions we get asked is “why do you need so many people to run a mystery audit firm and what do they all do?”

It seems simple – how much work could ‘mystery auditing’ require.  I mean, you send a shopper – he shops, reports; you send the report to the client and that’s it!!

How we wish it were that simple!

So here is an attempt to tell you what our very passionate & ever-enthu team does? If you like what you read, do share your comments with us and give mystery shopping an honest try!

What started as a team of 2 has over time evolved into a much larger group which is now structured functionally. At the helm is CEO, Pankaj Guglani who is ably supported by the various department heads.

Business Development:  this team brings new clients for redquanta. Selling mystery shopping to wary business heads; pitching for new business, making presentations and finally getting a new client is what this team breathes & lives for. Nothing makes them happier than convincing a prospective client that redquanta is indeed THE BEST!

Scheduling & Recruitment:  this team looks after the actual operational part of mystery shopping.  Once the client tells us his requirement, these guys prepare detailed schedules & timelines for the various outlets that need to be audited and then get down to the task of finding mystery shoppers for each of these outlets.  They are also responsible for ‘recruiting’ shoppers and have pretty stringent targets for the same. How to spot them? Very simple, anyone who has a cell phone or two ‘attached’ to their ears is without doubt a Scheduler-Recruiter.

Client Servicing: this team looks after all client needs, they are redquanta’s inter-face with clients.  From understanding clients’ need, to preparing questionnaires and ensuring reporting deadlines are met; these guys do it all! One of their constant goals is to simplify questionnaires whilst ensuring maximum value for the client. Our Analytics team’s goal is to eliminate Editors (pun intended). They want to make reports so simple that Editors will have lesser regular editing work & have more time  for their other functions; this way, all deadlines will be met and shoppers & employees will be paid fast (oh yes, this team is responsible for collecting monies from clients too).

Analytics: in addition to the mystery audit report, each client is provided customised reports summarising audit findings and suggesting changes to the questionnaire or audit processes to enable constant improvement and value add in the mystery audit process.  Approach this team at your own risk; they are perpetually scowling and are known to be mercurial!

Editing: by far, the most stressed out species; these guys can be identified pretty easily. Eyes fixed on the computer screen & fingers typing furiously, our wallflowers are forever chasing deadlines; make sure you maintain silence around them.. else….

Ensuring the report is legible; contains NO factual inconsistencies and meets the Queen’s mighty English standards; this team wishes there was a way we could create guidelines for writing that ‘perfect’ elusive audit report.

Finance: pretty standard; responsible for accounting, payments and receipts, petty cash – everything and anything related to ‘moolah’.  Our finance head wishes she could magically make great parties happen (without impacting cashflows) for this very enthusiastic and young team. 

The Investor group and part-time Consultants look at overall operational and strategic issues and give inputs on key growth & expansion initiatives.

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