redquanta alexa certify

My second innings: Versatile and fun learning with RedQuanta.

Gaayathiri SI always wanted to prove myself but after my kid was born I had a break of 3 yrs from my career. When my kid went to school on the next I started searching for work from home opportunities. There were many fake companies when we talk about work from home companies. When I got a call from redquanta I was so surprised to know the nature of work. It sounded so mysterious when they said it’s all about mystery audit.


Next day after clearing the test I was selected and I was part of the team. Training happened over phone. FOPA was the first project. Only after few days, I was able to get a hang of what’s happening in the company. My Team lead was an excellent person, very motivating, helpful at any time I need her, very knowledgeable. We were all girls team everyone working from home. Team mates were awesome too. They helped me for all my silly doubts.


As time passed away I got trained in other projects too like Enrich, Lakme Salon, Green Trends, Tata Motors, Xiaomi stores and many more. For all these projects I need to speak with the shoppers too who actually did the audit. Most of the shoppers were friendly and gave proper information about the audits.


My performance was recorded every day. Every week we had a scorecard, for which we all were scared more than our report card 🙁 but it actually improved our performance. Very soon I got promoted to a next level. I am glad to be a part of redquanta team. Now I am able to earn money being at home, which actually made a lot of difference in my life. So still looking for many more projects in the upcoming days. I also take this opportunity to thank everyone in the redquanta team.