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How To Become A Secret Shopper?

You love to nitpick about how pathetic the services of a particular restaurant are, don’t you? Or how a particular salesman always manages to get on the wrong side of you. You could spend hours shopping, and dedicate an additional hour to think about what was or wasn’t great about the experience.

You, my friend, are a secret shopper in the making!


Who is a secret shopper, you ask?

Secret shopping is quite a simple concept. You, as a ‘shopper’, visit a store or a company as a regular customer and shop or show interest in buying a particular product/service. In the process, you are supposed to make mental notes of the overall experience you had, right from entering the store, speaking to the employees, understanding the product, and sometimes, even an actual purchase.

Once that is done, you let the company know about your experiences, via a simple online form. Based on the quality of your submission, you get paid or reimbursed.

So, Here’s How You Can Become A Secret Shopper?

Becoming a secret shopper is a simple process. Just make sure you don’t fall victim to a scam (more on that below).

  • Sign up with a genuine secret shopping company and share a bit of information about your interests. (This enables the company to assign the right gigs to you.)
  • Choose gigs as per your convenience, in terms of location and schedule.
  • Report your observations to the company through a simple, online form.
  • Get paid for your efforts!

Companies value an honest opinion about their product/service as this help them improve. This is why they are more than happy to pay secret shoppers who can do that for them.

Once you get accustomed to the ‘shopping’ process, you can sign up for more gigs and enjoy the benefits!

But how do you find the right company?

The first thing to look for is a company that’s certified and one that has partnered with major brands. redquanta is certified.

With redquanta you can savour global cuisines, shop at renowned stores, stay at world-class hotels, and the like. What’s more, redquanta only offers genuine, secret shopping opportunities. All you have to do is sign up (for free), choose a mission, and get going!

Beware of scams, though…

The secret shopping scam is no secret. A lot of these fake companies offer gigs with ‘too good to be true’ returns, false promises of immediate and confirmed employment, and worse still, tricks that could dupe you of your own money! Keep a few pointers in mind:

  • Avoid companies that ask for a ‘fee’ to sign up. Genuine secret shopping companies pay you to join them!
  • Don’t wire money ‘to test money transfer services’. You, as a shopper would receive a check with instructions to deposit it in a personal bank account, withdraw the amount in cash, and wire it to a third party. The check is fake. Banks clear checks within days, but uncovering a fake check can take weeks. So by the time you realize check is fake, you’d have wired the money already! So, you just wired your own money to the scamster and would never get paid!
  • Do your research. Check if the company has been certified, and is associated with well-known brands.

Read more on how to avoid a mystery shopping scam. Don’t let your secret shopping experience be your worst regret. Choose the right company, and become a successful secret shopper!