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How does my report help the Company?

Companies and service providers in India are finally waking up to the power that consumers wield in making or breaking their business. Indian consumers to have finally started demanding better service and do not mind paying a premium for high quality service.

While mystery audits could cover various aspects of a client’s business, the crux is obtaining first-hand customer feedback that would help them improve operations. Companies have also realised that in order to grow they must standardise practices; so, an ice-cream giant who wants to open 500 stores in India in a year can do so ONLY if he has processes that WORK across locations & people.

Therefore, he hires us to obtain feedback from you, his customers to verify whether processes that have been put in place for the various functions are being followed or not.

So while a simple question like ‘were you offered a beverage at the reception’ may seem innocuous to you, it is in fact a step in the Company’s effort to ensure that all outlets function in the same way across geographies; it is the only way growth & expansion can be managed successfully.

Deviations are checked and outlets or employees adhering to processes are rewarded.

Mystery audits are especially useful in franchisee models where the only way the client can ensure quality is by standardizing practices & processes.

Clients often seek feedback from shoppers on finer points such as store ambience, cleanliness, staff courtesy and behaviour; this has come from a realization that unless you treat your customer well, the business will not grow as fast and even if it does, will not sustain once competition kicks in.

In a nutshell, a mystery audit report helps the client understand whether his processes are working and also identifies the gaps in customer service; it also aids in rewarding deserving employees.