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Do you wish to experience a stress free work environment?

Akanksha ChabraRubbing off a long time gap off of your Resume and finding an adequate Part-time job opportunity in such a competitive corporate environment has not been the most facile task. Fortunately, one of my old colleagues had been kind to me and mentioned about redquanta. Hence, I became promptly decisive grabbing the opportunity and here I am, associated as Quality Executive in this esteemed organization.


A Quality Executive at redquanta could experience a job profile which offers an overwhelming growth package for both the employee and the Client. Understanding the complexity of indirect factors affecting the buying pattern of a customer and penning down the analysis out of their actions at an outlet makes it furthermore interesting and better one’s skills of understanding customer behaviour as well. The construction of effective feedback through one-to-one interaction with real- time shoppers that I perform here is a complex but necessary process to make our client make modifications in ‘attending-the-customer’ process for the betterment of their shopping experience at Client’s outlet. Thus, this job is providing me with a chance of polishing my interaction skills, leading to personal growth as well.


Speaking of team leads, redquanta made me work with ‘Leaders’ rather than ‘Bosses’. The atmosphere is such that I got to learn as much as I asked for. The leads are available 24*7 to provide a helping hand and could make you grow your skills with each new project you get involved in. The commitment towards work and their teams could be well evaluated through their decent and spoonful behaviour. If one ever feel that the complexity of work is taking over, team leads will be the first to call and motivate us the right way, taking the stress off our shoulders. Working in such a healthy environment makes me work harder towards team and organization goals.


Not questionable to mention, redquanta understands the fact that people opt for Part-time job to efficiently manage other daily tasks as well. Hence, they leveraged me with some extra time to finish my work in case I got stuck with some unavoidable job at home as well. Such healthy and stress free environment at work place makes me feel motivated and I always try to pull one more lever down to express my gratitude towards my team and organization.


If you wish to experience a stress free work environment with an organization that is constantly focussing on the growth of both its clients and teams, redquanta is without a doubt a fine option for WFH option lookers.