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A Google search that changed my life for good!!!

Urooj BanuFew years ago, when I left my full-time job, I was sure that my career was going to take a dip as I was at home struggling with a new born. After spending considerable time and efforts on finding some sustainable work from home options, one fine day I stumbled upon a job listing for redquanta.


The job description made me strongly wish to land this job offer as it was exactly what I wanted and could afford to do at that point in time. Thankfully, the job was a telephonic interview and a written test away.


Ever since, I have never looked back and always thanked god for giving me such a wonderful and flexible work option. The team has been a big support always. They did the hand holding since day one and brought me to where I am today. I got the opportunity to work on various projects across sectors which increased my knowledge manifold. This job is a perfect cocktail of work-life balance.


It’s been an exciting roller coaster ride with back to back project deadlines making me work day and night but did I ever complain? “NO”, because it has never been about “me”, it has always been “us”. The team leads and managers have always been a call away, irrespective of the time of the day.


The company offers the same sense of belonging to work from home employees, who have never met each other, as it offers to work from office employees. We rejoice together at bagging a new project and are equally stressed at meeting deadlines. It’s a company without any physical and geographical borders and barriers, wherein I feel the world is our domain.