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A gist on my work from home job experience

With adequate previous work experience, but currently living at a remote place in West Bengal where there are no companies, I have been lucky to have had found a work from home job in an environment where most work from home jobs posted online are scams.


So here I am as Quality Executive at redquanta. As a Quality Executive, my role is to get in direct contact with the Auditor/Shopper and pen down their exact experience of a store or product. This job has given me insights of how big firms change or correct the services, products and customer experience they provide to a customer.


Being a housewife, I initially though that it would be difficult to manage my job and home simultaneously. But redquanta is an organisation that provides full support to its work from home employees in terms of timing, constant telephonic support, a user friendly tech system, etc. The Team Leaders provide 24/7 assistance to their team members in order to help them perform effectively and grow in their field. The technical team provides immediate response on any tech issue to make sure the work from home team doesn’t lag behind the office team.


redquanta provides a stress free work environment that aims at the growth of everyone involved.