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8 Ways To Become A Successful Mystery Shopper

8 ways to be mystery shopperSo, you’ve signed up with a genuine mystery shopping company, and have completed your first gig already. But now, you want to know how to get maximum benefits from the opportunity.

Like every other profession, you can master mystery shopping too. With time and experience, you can learn the tricks of the trade, and manage to complete more gigs in a limited period of time, thus maximizing the earning potential, these gigs offer.

Here are 8 ways to make the most of your mystery shopping missions…

Ways To Become A Successful Mystery Shopper:

#1. Keep A Schedule… And STICK TO IT!: Each gig or a mission, will have a set of specific instructions, which need to be followed to the T, to complete it successfully. Shopping is fun, but you have to remember that there is a report to be filled out later. It is necessary to be focused on the actual purpose of being a shopper, which is to evaluate the services and report back to the company. The same goes for time. It is ideal to take into account the time you will have to devote to the actual shop and later, to filling up the online form. A successful mystery shopper has to be alert to the objective and the time taken to achieve it.

#2. Observe and Note: A successful shopper needs attention to details. Use techniques like calling the store representatives with their names when they introduce themselves, in order to remember it when you fill up the report. Use the recorder on your phone to record conversations with the sales person. Or quickly type in points to remember in a note-taking app on your phone. Another solution is to keep a few minutes aside to make notes, when the experience is still fresh in your mind.

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#3. Keep abreast of new assignments: If you want to maximize your earnings, you must keep yourself updated on new assignments. Over a period of time, it becomes easier to fish out the high-paying gigs from the lot. But for this, it is necessary to keep your eyes and ears open. Subscribe to receive alerts and keep a separate email account for mystery shopping notifications. If the company has an app, download it – It helps getting notified for newer gigs.

#4. Save Important Dates: Maintain a calendar to keep a note of upcoming report submissions. If you are taking up multiple gigs in a week, it is ideal to set up deadlines for submitting the reports. Remember, it is the report you file, is what helps the company to evaluate your efforts and contributions as a mystery shopper.

#5. Your Comments Matter in the report: Most survey forms will have defined space for comments. Make sure you give additional comments, in tune with the questions asked, wherever possible. These comments are valuable to the company as it highlights the ‘shopper’s’ experience as against only the selections from among the multiple choice questions you have in a survey.

#6. Prepare in Advance: As easy and fun as it sounds, completing a gig successfully needs a plan. It is better to prepare for a gig the previous night, in terms of what points need to be focused on, directions to the place you need to visit, and what is the end goal of the activity. It not only helps in completing the gig in reasonable time, but also helps you provide better insights to the company.

#7. Choose Your Gigs Wisely: If you are travelling long distance to complete a gig, check for similar gigs in the same area, and see if you are qualified to take up the same. This way, you optimize the opportunities provided. Similarly, on an especially tiring workday, choose a gig that involves checking out a new restaurant in the vicinity.

#8. Track What You Earn: Maintain an excel sheet of your earnings, as well as the amount you spent on all your missions. Expenses include the amount spent on travelling to the shop and amount spent to buy something at the shop. Since most mystery shopping companies pay around 15-30 days after the shop has taken place, maintaining a record of your earnings helps to plan future shops.

More than anything else, have fun while you are conducting the shop. With a little bit of hard work, and by learning from your experiences, mystery shopping can be quite a rewarding profession!