Are you struggling to monitor your product's visibility,
promotion and pricing across retail outlets?

Use our network of 80000+ trained users spread across 1600+ cities in India to monitor and
improve the customer experience and sales of your brand.

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Management of staff incentives and appraisals
system using reliable data
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Tracking of Franchise performance
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Maintaining price hygienc across the channel
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Checking and ensuring presence of in-store marketing
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Huge cost savings in comparison to inhouse audits
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Involvement of third party auditors leads to better
acceptability of findings


Data you can trust

  • Responsive image Verified shoppers, real people, who do the job exactly as they are supposed to.
  • Responsive image Shopper presence in the audit scenario validated.
  • Responsive image Accurate, unbiased, real time data, data you can trust.
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Our own patented technology

  • Responsive image Software developed in-house allows instant access to data 24*7
  • Responsive image No third party dependency on technology
  • Responsive image We are in total control of the entire audit execution cycle
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Actionable insights to improve
your business

There is literally no area of your business we cannot capture. Our
trained shoppers gather data on all fronts, be it ambiance, staff,
hygiene, products etc. Wouldn't you want to know how much the staff
is really doing to sell your business to the customer? Or is he even
doing it at all?
We don't just collect data. We make sure that the data is presented in a format that is objective and quantifiable, making it easy for our clients to derive actionable outcomes.

Industry Benchmarking

Our industry benchmarking data gives a fair idea of where you stand with respect to competition. It also identifies the best practices pertaining to your industry.
So if you want to know where you stand with respect to specific competitors, we will give you the answer.
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Services offered

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Customer experience

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Price checks

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Product placement
& promotion audits

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Phone & Email audits

Get started

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Can we talk?

We have got what it takes to manage Mystery audits of any nature. Partnering with us could be a crucial step in your business reaching the next level. We build our programmes on the vision and philosophy you have for your brand.
It would be our pleasure to meet you at your convenience over a cup of coffee, without any obligations or fees.
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